About Us

Our Journey began in October 2010, in the United Kingdom. This journey started within the family as a family business and kept expanding. As of today, we have 3 workshops in United Kingdom and overseas, with over 30 years of experience in wrought iron gates, railings, handrails and balcony frames. For us, this is not just our heritage and 30 years of exceptional history but also our passion and what drives us towards doing better. Our products and services along with trusted customers over the years stand as a testament to the fact that this is more than just a job for us.

What we Do

Midlands Iron Works is all about providing outdoor fixtures inclusive of wrought iron gates, railings, handrails and balcony frames. Our services go back thirty years and with hundreds of satisfied customers, we have successfully created a reputation for the work that we do. At Midlands Iron Works, our focus remains on keeping a dreaded check on quality and ensure a flawless and effective manufacturing process of the potential outdoors of your home.

What Products/ Services do we provide?

Iron Railings
Iron Gates
Balcony Frames

Our Mission

For the past 30 years, our mission has been the same. We want to manufacture top quality iron gates and rails that don’t just look good but also act as a protective layer and support to your household. We are determined to explore and express the kind of passion we have in retaining our heritage through some brilliant products and services. Midlands Iron Works has always taken care of their customers with absolute commitment and honesty and continues to do so forever. In a nutshell, our mission is all about making quality products for customers that we deeply care about and preserve our family heritage by keeping up with our fantastic reputation.