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Are Wrought Iron Gates Worth all the Hype and Investment?

Are Wrought Iron Gates Worth all the Hype and Investment?

Construction of a contemporary home isn’t complete without the right kind of gates and fencing around it. When it comes to gates, there are a number of available options, like, wood, aluminum, and vinyl. However, recently, wrought iron has taken over as the preferred material for gates installations since it accompanies many exclusive benefits over its counterparts.

Following are benefits of using wrought iron for as your gate:

Exceptional Security & Prevention of Intruders

With children and pets in the house, one of your crucial concerns for gate/fence installation is security. The last thing you need is having your pet/kid, unintentionally making their way onto the road unsupervised or diving into the swimming pool without adult supervision. You can surround your residential property with wrought iron gates, as well as installation of swimming pool fencing. The gates form first-rate barriers since they can be constructed particularly high. This keeps your pets/kids out of trouble and prevents intruders from gaining access to your property.

Incredible Rust Resistance

Wrought iron is incredibly resistant to rust than regular iron since it is an alloy. The iron is combined with a material called slag, which is fibrous in consistency, and this makes wrought iron more resistant to rust. Consequently, the beauty of your wrought iron gates can be preserved for a long time to come.

Wrought Iron Gates are Conveniently-Maintained

If you have installed a wrought iron gate and it appears a bit tired, don’t frown yet. Just bring out your paint box and engage in a fun makeover with your wrought iron gate. Even if you do a simple paint job, the gate is good to go for about 3-4 years. A more elaborate paint job will preserve the appearance of the gate for approximately 10 years.

Exceptionally Durable

Wrought iron is incredibly durable compared to its counterparts wood and vinyl. It is a strong material, and this makes it more impact-resistant compared to most other kinds of material used for manufacturing gates. The durability of wrought iron makes it resistant to denting, bending, and shock. Wrought iron is malleable yet tremendously strong.

Personalized Design for Each Gate

One of the appealing qualities of wrought iron remains its malleability. This means the alloy is ductile and elastic and can be fashioned into any shape or design that you want. This feature of wrought iron enables you to come up with elegant, stylish, and unique gate construction designs, something that seems unachievable with many other materials.

Medium to Showcase your Artistic Personality

The process of iron forging and the manual working with specialized tools yields an end-product that looks spellbinding and striking. The person behind the intricate designs of wrought iron gates is nothing less than an artist. The way these gates are designed and manufactured are nothing short of art. The astounding handiwork that goes into making these gates evidently demonstrates there is a fair bit of artistry involved. Installing one at your property will allow you to satisfy the artistic needs of your inner self.

Easy Repair

If your wrought iron gate (or a port of it) needs repairing, there is no need to spend a fortune for the replacement of the entire gate. The impaired parts of the gate can feasibly be repaired by an expert who specializes in wrought iron gates and fencing, and this will refurbish your gate to its earlier glory.

Adds Value to Your Property

A wrought-iron gate adds considerable charm, exquisiteness and appeal other gate materials can’t really seem to offer. As a consequence, the resale value of your property increases. So, if any time you choose to sell your property, the presence of the gate will enable you to ask for a higher selling price compared to other properties in the region.


If you are worried about the environmental footprint that your activities leave, a wrought iron gate is a great choice to address this concern. Not only do you exempt natural resources from being used, since wrought iron gates rarely have to be replaced; you also can recycle your wrought iron gate to be fashioned into another thing of your choice. The gate will fetch a handsome price when sold to a scrap metal dealer. Otherwise, you can sell the gate to vintage stores and architectural salvagers as there appears to be a high demand for best iron gates for sale and fences among these specialists.

A Reflection of Your Personality

Wrought iron can be molded into an extensive range of styles, such as curves, attractive twists and intricate scrolls. You can even have your initials engraved on the gate – just like we see in manors and mansions. The ability to customize the gate enable you to impart a personal touch to the boundaries of your property. You can let your personality shine through the chic and stylish design of your gate.

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