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Balcony Security Considerations and Benefits of Metal Balcony Installation

Balcony Security Benefits – Beyond Burglary Prevention

Used in many buildings, internally and externally balustrades support staircases, and balconies provide safety and security. Along with the security, the secured balcony in your apartment helps you enjoy the fresh air and an expansive view. However, an unsecured balcony can predispose your family, friends, pets, and properties to hazards.

Here we have stated some of the common security hazards, stemming from inappropriate balcony installation:

Intruders & Burglaries

More burglars target balconies as the focal point of entry, particularly the ground-floor and second-floor, especially the ones without balcony security barriers. Some intruders take advantage of the neighboring landings or trees to climb up your balconies, while some even use a ladder to reach your balcony when they spot empty properties there. When they scale your balconies effectively, the intruder may jiggle your balcony sliding doors or push the doors of his tracks with jimmies to sneak into your property.

The Risk of Deadly Falls

Apart from burglars, falls are another principal safety concern of high-rise apartment balconies. In most situations, the victims including toddlers unnoticed by negligent nannies, heavily-drunk individuals in parties, curious people, pets and kids sitting on the railing for fun, fall from balconies accidentally that don’t have security features. Even worse, structural defects may even cause the collapse of unsafe balconies when too many people gather on the surface at the same time. And these incidents are not as rare we would like to think. A piece of research shows that there were 239 major balcony collapses reported throughout the news from 2001 to 2016, leading to severe injuries and even deaths.

Fire Hazards

Balcony security is also endangered by fire hazards, resulting from cigarette butts to heaters and even barbecues. A fire hazard like this may end up scalding, burning items falling on the ground or even lighting up flammable objects, like the balcony furniture and the curtains. If your balconies do not appear to have fitted with proper security features, then they are predisposed to the hazards listed above. To secure the expansive outdoor area of your property now is as good a time as any to take practical measures.


Metal balconies, especially wrought iron has become the ultimate material for urban balconies when a residential or commercial property wants to create a professional, contemporary, and clean-looking finish. These fine railings offer a wide range of features, but one of the areas where they are becoming progressively popular is in balcony construction, where it can be the principal structure or used to accentuate the railings. However if you choose to incorporate metal balconies into your property, here are some of the advantages that make this material an exclusive fit for your needs.

Conveniently Low-Maintenance

If you wish to go the inexpensive route and not want to add too much to your balcony installation fitting, metal balconies for sale should be your choice. This is the reason wrought iron balconies are especially common, as they need very little maintenance and require less frequent repairs than glass or timber balconies. They are not susceptible to rot or rust and only need a simple clean to eliminate any build-up of dust and debris.

Incomparable Durability

As it’s a remarkably durable material, a balcony built from metals like wrought iron will be able to survive a wide range of conditions, inclusive of high winds, without any sign of deterioration or compromise in the quality of the structure. This is a crucial benefit for both residential and commercial properties and makes it a sound investment that will last many years and address safety concerns.

Versatility of Metal

A prominent advantage of metal in terms of design is that it can be used in many innovative ways, so you’re not stuck with an outdated design or style. This allows homeowners to produce bespoke designs that complement the style of the building or their particular industry and help give the balcony a unique spectacular finish.

Lifelong Finish

The visual appeal of metal can be maintained quite better than either wood or glass, which makes it a fruitful long-term investment. It doesn’t appear scratched, worn, or dull after a long period of time and will withstand weather better than a timber railing. Even after many years, a metal balcony can seem as if it has only just been installed.

Help You Save Some Bucks

The low maintenance and durability and enables the metal to be the least expensive option for balconies, both in terms of the initial expenses and the budget that can be saved over the lifetime of the structure.


The environmental impact of erecting a structure is a crucial consideration, and metal balconies can help address this concern. Wrought iron balconies can be seen by birds, unlike glass, decreasing the number of fatalities, and it can also be recycled so that even at the end of its use, there is less waste.

Either you’re considering adding a balcony to your existing building, or if you’re designing a new facility, adding in a metal balcony could provide you and your employees many benefits. It’s something that’s well worth the investment.

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