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Seven Design Ideas for a Wrought Iron Handrails

Seven Design Ideas for a Wrought Iron Handrails

Indoor staircases are the most crucial feature for any two plus unit home. Besides their functional purpose, indoor stairs and handrail designs should add more value and exquisiteness to your indoor interior. With their significance, staircases commonly impact the visual aesthetic scene of your interior décor. So no matter how expensive paintings and centerpieces you add, a dull staircase will only tone down everything else in the setting.

Now, if you are done with the structural design of your staircase and looking for a special element to add value to your interior? We have a brilliant idea for you – nothing could go wrong with wrought iron handrails. For newbies, wrought iron is an iron alloy with a very low amount of carbon in it, making it somewhat similar, in a way, to steel. If you are hesitant about this option for yourself, allow us to state some pros of the brilliant material to make a final decision.


  • Wrought iron fencing is way stronger than any other common material for handrails. This is because wrought iron is not easily breakable, so it beats all other fences when it comes to security purposes. The durability also makes wrought iron fences last much longer than other fences. For the most part, these fences are stylish and easy to maintain especially if they are oil painted.
  • The term wrought was initially applied to this type of iron because of its wrought feature, which allows it to transform into many different shapes and designs. Wrought iron alloy itself has great elasticity and malleable nature that many artists and designers really admire. It can be easily shaped into interesting patterns.
  • If you’ve had a history of pests ruining your fences, then wrought iron handrails for stairs are a blessing for you. NEWS FLASH: excluding strange mutations and alien invasions, nothing’s going to chew up your wrought-iron fence; they are a Captain America shield to your stairs. With just the right design, they can actually keep many annoying animals (also thieves you know) away from your home completely, though there’s probably no such ah-mazing fence a truly determined squirrel can’t figure out a way past.


Today, wrought iron railing is a significant part of indoor décor, such railing not only looks gorgeous but always stands out making your space look more elegant and appealing. Even the simplest staircase design will look amazing if your handrail is attractive. Wrought iron comes with great perks as mentioned above; they can match almost interior depending on how you color it and draw patterns with it. But in most cases, it is used in traditional, modern, industrial, and minimalist interior decors more often than in others.

Here we’ve compiled a few design ideas on transforming your indoor staircase into a complete aesthetic sense so it can become the fresh focal point of your home!

Wrought Iron Staircase Railing with Wooden Accents; Wooden-Wrought Beauty

A wrought iron handrails with curved and spiral designs not only gives simple staircases a classic look but also add a contemporary feel to your indoor interior. Combine it with carpeted steps and wooden accents, decorative baluster, for example. You can go for any wooden finish; however, a contrasting combination, like a dark stain with a low toned carpet, would look great.

Vertical Banisters with Spiral Accents and Golden Handrail; Victorian Splendor

Similar to how straight, horizontal lines in a handrail can create the illusion of a larger space, vertical banisters can bring everything together, making the space look more put together. Such sort of designs exhibits seamless integration because of their spiral accents that connect one banister with the next one. For final touches, a metallic, golden handrail compliments with the rest of the railing’s elusive tones.

Metallic ‘Meshwork’ Railings with Sleek Handrail; Stairway to Elegance

A contemporary spin on iron handrails for stairs, this design integrates a futuristic metallic color scheme and a lustrous handrail. Most importantly, the railing panels in this design feature a loose meshwork that represents a stylish limited organization. These also work well as individual panels with other mediums, but the metalwork design can be continued in recreation as well.

Arc Metalwork Railing; Metal Arcs

This metalwork staircase design railing adds to the depth of small spaces with a widening effect. The design shows continuity and sequence as each arc stems from the previous one. A supportive handrail gives stability and safety as the staircase is closed off from one side. For seamless succession, the design streams upstairs and into the ‘balcony’.

Branches designed Wrought Iron Railing; Branched Out

This beautiful design is a modern take on natural themes. In this wrought iron staircase railing design, the designer has gone past the floral accents to focus on branches, a major structural factor. Featuring heavy symbolism, this staircase railing contributes an eclectic persona to the surrounding area. Moreover, this is the kind of design that goes well with a variety of subtle, neutral tones.

Simple Metalwork Railing with Horizontal Railing; Minimalistic Morning

For a minimalist living space, a wrought iron handrail and staircase with clean lines is the best you can choose. Horizontal lines in this design are literally made for smaller, more compact areas because of their lengthening and widened effect. This staircase features a sleek handrail and slim bars to provide support.

Spiral Staircase with Metalwork Railings; Sleek Swirl

Spiral staircases have a unique majestic appeal to them, and that’s what makes them attractive in quite a number of settings. They help save space if you can’t have broader steps. Choosing for metalwork railings with a marble staircase gives a more vintage look for the homeowners with the old-school aesthetic. Also, the spiral staircase and metal railings work great for older homes.

We are sure that now you have noticed how decorative staircase railings can add sophistication and elegance to any space, regardless of the interior, context, or size. Explore our gallery to experience more stylish wrought iron madness for your homes and buildings.

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