Wrought Iron Balustrades

Installing Iron Stair Balusters – Enhancing the Look of Your House

The staircase is the one central focal point of a home or building that grabs everyone’s attention as they enter – cumbersome staircases or worn and broken iron balustrades won’t impress your guests and can make your space seem out dated. Moreover, a staircase railing is so much more than just a safety feature. The balusters, newels, and railings of a staircase can make a real design statement and set up the mood and aesthetic of any space.

Whatever type your interior décor is—contemporary, traditional, or ultramodern—there is always a staircase railing combination out there to compliment it. Whether you love the rustic feel of wood, the shine of glass, or rawness of custom-made metal, you can find a perfect stylish staircase railing that will uplift this architectural element from something REQUIRED to a ‘WORK OF ART’. We don’t recommend focusing on just one material—combine different materials like wood and metal or glass and wood to add more depth and texture to your design arrangement.

Give your space the touch you’re looking for – wrought iron balustrades offer great aesthetics that can match any style. Here’s an insight to how stair balusters can enhance the look of your home in so many ways with their versatility and benefits.

Now if you wonder can iron stair railings increase the value of your home?

Your home is your greatest investment and there’s nothing wrong with investing more into it. This investment can really increase the value of your home if done right. So, when it comes to making a right investment or up-gradation in your home, railings may seem like a petty detail, but they can actually impact your home in a number of significant ways. In fact, investing in high-quality, attractive, iron stair blusters throughout the interior and exterior of your home can really elevate your home’s value. Wondering how? Let’s take a look at the deets.

Outdoor Railings Can Boost the Curb Appeal

Wrought iron is that one material which has been around for a long time. And thus, it still is considered to be a traditional material to homeowners, but iron balusters are now also becoming a popular choice for everyone. They are another best option for those with traditional tastes to the ones who always like to stay on trend.

The formula on the curb appeal is simple as pie: The nicer your home’s exterior is, the easier it will be to sell. As first impression is the last impression, an attractive outdoor railing can add value to your home’s exterior look. Imagine a perfectly manicured lawn and a beautiful landscape, all tied together with a contemporary delicate looking outdoor railings, what else you would want to increase your home’s value. Also, iron balustrades offer extra exterior privacy to the outdoor entrance of your home and keep annoying animals away from your home.

Midlands Iron Work’s versatile offering of custom and modern designs, styles and sleekness make iron balusters the best option for any balustrade. From standard ribbon twisted designs to complex and more elaborate styles, iron balusters are a stylish choice for adding a curb appeal to your home.

Indoor stair blusters can add more to the elegance of your home

Believe it or doubt it, indoor railings have a fairly extravagant impact on the value of your home. For instance, new railings on your indoor staircases can make a huge difference in the interior decor of you home. Let say, after walking across your lawn someone enters through your front door, typically the first thing they would see is your entryway, which most often houses a stair system. A well-designed stair system with attractive balustrades is an excellent way to impress your guests while increasing your home’s visual appeal and, subsequently, its value.

If you like yourself and your home to stand out, you’re in luck. When you build a custom staircase and blusters from scratch with Midlands Iron Works, or even if you’re just going for an upgrade, you aren’t limited to only a few style options. You can combine our wrought iron balustrades designs to form extensive artsy patterns.

You can choose two different designs and mix and match them to form a new one and literally do whatever you want – there’s no many designs you can’t create!

Both Interior and Exterior Railings Can Make Your Home Safer

Last but not least, it is important to remember that handrails don’t just add beauty to your home – they also make it safer. An outdoor deck is much safer with balustrades than without, same goes for an indoor staircase. Homebuyers these days are very concerned with the safety factors, especially if the families have kids, so investing in railings to make your home even secure is an excellent way boost the value of your home.

At Midlands Iron Works, we use durable and long-lasting iron wrought materials for your railings and other needs. Our iron is guaranteed to hold up better to the wear and tear of a busy household. It will take a whole lot more to damage or break iron balusters than regular use by families.

Blusters because of their durable iron material, offer great strength and added stability that can help make sure your staircase is safe for the people using it. We coat resistant powder on our iron balustrades to make them perfect for indoor and outdoor applications. This powder holds up to the elements, even in winter months.

Bottom line, railings and balustrades can largely increase the value of your home. The key here is to choose quality railings, which complement your home’s overall aesthetic. But before making any purchase, make sure to do a complete research! There are a number of different types of railings out there in the market, so you must take your time to figure out the one that is perfect for your home, both in terms of functionality and looks.


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